Ice Cream Machine

Ice Cream Machine

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First of all we would like to thank you for your positive interest with our product. Please find the attached documents of detailed information.

Q. Can we add air content intoIceCreamwith thisMachine?

Ans. Yes, you can add air content according to your requirement with our 11 & 22 ltr.Machine. You can not add air into 5 ltr. Batch Freezer as we do not
make it with air pump.

Q. How much cost of Machines ?

Ans. It starts with 85000 INR to 270000 INR. (USD 1320 TO USD 4200).

Q. What is size of Cylinder ?

Ans. All models have different sizes according its capacity like 5 ltr.Machine- Cylinder capacity is 5 ltr. same as in 11 ltr. & 22 ltr.IceCreamMachine.

Q. What about Scrapper (Blade)

Ans. Whole Scrapper (Blade) is made of SS 304 & Metal Casting Materiel.

Q. Can we add fruits & dry fruits intomachine?

Ans. You can add all kind of fruits and Dry fruits intomachinewhile it is working. Because of Air System in ourmachineis Non return.

Q. Can we start individually different systems.

Ans. Of course you can on & off any systems according to your requirement like Compressor System (Cooling), Air System (Adding air content), Motor System (Scrapping raw materiel ).

Q. Can we maintain temperature ?

Ans. Yes. You can maintain temperature from 0°Cto -28°C​ according to your requirement. You can set it for permanent also with our maintaining temperature systems.

Q. Required electric connection.

Ans. 5 ltr.machinecan work with Single Phase but 11 & 22 ltr. required for three phase connection. It can be managed with single phase but it would take very much power consumption so after all it will expensive for running as we recommend our client for having a three Phase electricity connection.

Q. What about Batch timing ?

Ans. It is totally depending on raw materiel which you out intomachine. Generally it take 13-15 minutes for first batch and than it will take 9 - 10 minutes.

Please find the attached documents of Batch Freezers detailed information.